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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 29, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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severe thunderstorm warnings include frederick, washington, loudoun, jefferson counties. a flood warning issued for parts of frederick and washington county. lancaster also under a warning, same thing with adams until 8:00. from the northwest of baltimore, watch out for this for the next hour. it has been reluctant to move into baltimore. it is striking southwest to northeast. the strongest cell is in frederick county. this is showing some signs of rotation. moving northeast at 33 miles per hour. there's the potential to produce 60 miles per hour wind gust and hail the size of quarters as the tracks to northwestern carroll county. the potential to reach as in baltimore in the next hour or two, so we will keep an eye on the radar and check the seven- day forecast in a little bit. >> are weather coverage continues all the time on line
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at in addition to the intractable raider come you can sign up for weather alerts all online at and click on "weather." >> it looks as though the maryland same-sex marriage law will be heading for the ballot. they delivered boxes of petitions to annapolis. >> they collected more than twice the needed signatures to put the issue before voters. david collins is live in annapolis with the very latest. david? >> the opponents characterized this as an exciting, astounding and exhilarating. same-sex supporters held the dual press conference and they contend that it may be true, but public opinion is on their side. >> let the people vote. >> led by the people opposed by the same sex law, they delivered boxes the petitions to the
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secretary of state's office declaring date collected nearly twice the number needed to let voters decide in a referendum question. >> we are turning in by the end of this date, 113,000 signatures. >> a recent poll finds 57% of those surveyed support same-sex marriage and 39% said they did not. they believe momentum favors their side. >> the collection of the signatures does not reflect the growing momentum among maryland voters. the opponents have lost ground. >> the polls are compounded. 32 states have put same-sex marriage through a statewide vote and all have rejected it. >> we have one in 32 states and we intend to win the state of maryland also. thank you. >> we will win out over the media, the union, the gays and lesbians. the right will win because it is
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right. >> is a public mindset is changing because it is getting a push by the naacp and president obama. the opponents contend the opposite. >> when president obama and the naacp come out to support this issue, great. we appreciate that. you helped energize our crowd. people who were on the fence are no longer on the fence. they are engaged. >> baltimore county led the way in signatures. the state has 20 days to verify them. live in annapolis, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> will he or won't he? it's a regular question for governor o'malley as it enhances his national profile. will he run for president in 2016? jayne miller spoke with governor o'malley about his next move politically. >> he has become a regular on
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the sunday talk shows because of his role as the head of the democratic governors' association and that benefits impersonally and put him in the conversation about possible presidential contenders. when asked about his possible presidential aspirations, he told "meet the press" he had not thought up far ahead. today, he would not commit to much, but he did set a timetable. >> are you thinking about what you -- about running for president? >> i'm thinking about today. >> you continue to end up on a short list for 2016. why is that? >> i do not know. we have done a lot of difficult things here in the state that others have not. i think we have been able to pull together the consensus necessary to improve education when all the of the states are cutting. >> some of those involve higher taxes and fees. the thing that is felt nationally as well?
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>> nobody ever likes to ask citizens we serve to pay more. there is a certain balance that has been lost in many other states. in our state, we maintain a aaa bond rating. >> at what state william make the decision? >> i have to appoint five more years to serve as governor. >> he would have to start raising money. >> i do not know the timetable. right now, i need to focus on one doing right now for the people of our state. after november, we will take a look of the future holds. >> you are not saying no. >> know, and not saying no. it is not something i'm chasing after. >> o'malley has a lot of work to do on the fund-raising front. as of last report in january, he had about $266,000 in his
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campaign account. on the list of names for democrats in 2016, new york governor andrew cuomo and secretary of state hillary clinton would be the instant front-runner if she decided to give a presidential run another try. live in the newsroom, jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a quadruple shooting put three people in the hospital including a 10-year-old child. bullets were flying on the 2300 block of hoffman street in east baltimore. barry simms as by the police quarters downtown with more on the continuing police investigation. >> what led to the gunfire? that is what police want to know. in that neighborhood, lots of frightened people. baltimore police or back at the corner of montfort and it used hoffman street. this is rare four males were shot including a 10-year-old boy. officers blocked off the spot
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near a barbershop in the grocery store to get a glimpse of where the bullets flew. >> i heard loud shots. it was so loud, it made me think they were happening in front of my door. my family and i fear this a lot. we got down on the floor. >> he heard a car rolling down the street. >> it surprises me that the guys came running straight through this block. it was terrifying. >> she says she was near her home when it happened. >> he was running from around the corner all the way down there. he was shooting at some car. >> the 10-year-old boy was a passenger in the car and was shot in the leg. two other males, aged 28 and 29, were taken to an area hospital. another 28-year-old male walked into johns hopkins. >> it's crazy.
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it makes me feel like i want to get out of here. >> it don't make no sense. what they're trying to find other possible motives. he is saddened that a child was injured in his neighborhood, which also said it is changing. >> this used to be the best neighborhood around. it was always quiet. i did not know how this happened. it came from nowhere. >> no arrests so far and they do not believe the 10-year-old was the target. police are still trying to talk to witnesses to try to find a motive. live from downtown baltimore, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the loyola men's lacrosse championship, defeating the maryland terrapins 9-3, yesterday. they were not even ranked at the start of the season to. tim tooten is live on the campus in north baltimore. an exciting reception for the team today?
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>> under the loyal fans showed up in the middle of the day -- hundreds of loyal loyalist fans came to cheer on the new national champions. [cheers] it was a hero welcome, tailor- made for champions. on campus, a following of loyal fans and alumni eager to welcome the team back, and share in the moment of success. >> its so exciting. i am a graduate, 1993. my dad works here. >> they beat the university of maryland 9-3 to bring home the championship trophy. it is of history that will not find a home in the trophy case, but not before some bands -- fans got to hold it. there were back where it started, the the cross complex. >> we went all on the bill for one less sprint together and broke it down like we would any other practice for the last time. it is good for the seniors to do
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that one more time. >> the team members could not give enough praise to their bands. >> they deserve credit. they have been with us all these years. they really packed the house. they come and give us a lot of support. that gives us motivation. >> motivation that starts at the top with the team's coach and former player off pulping the greyhounds' win their first national championship. >> to give me goose bumps, along with some many of our other alumni, that they were able to do something that we were all trying and striving for. they did it with class, dignity, and character. >> a winning season now on the record books. for at least one campus employee, it is a moment worth holding onto. >> this is one of the happiest moments of my life, you know? this is hard. i'm happy for the school.
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>> james speaks for a lot of people here on campus, just glad to make history. live at loyola university, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> pomp and ceremony reigned supreme in baltimore. >> a look at the naval academy graduation. >> more on the celebration at loyola where the hound head coach remembers his days as a goalie who did not win the national championship. the thais have changed later in sports. sports. >> of your storms west off i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. [ clang ]
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>> today with graduation day at the best in the academy. they were there to witness the friend or family member achieve a dream. rob roblin was there. >> graduation day at the naval academy. there is nothing like it. when thou the 99 men and women are graduating. -- 1,099 men and women graduating. ♪ ♪ they come from all of the country and world. it was the end of years of hard work. >> there have been so many challenges that have happened. it feels good to accommodate this experience with my family and everyone here. >> i'm really excited. i feel liberated. >> it's been a long time coming. i'm excited.
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>> for the families, this is a proud moment. >> i have a son graduating. he will be going on and we are extremely proud. he has come a long way. >> he is going into the marines to be a pilot. >> it's such an honor to be a part of a great organization. what today's graduation address was given by the secretary of defense leon panetta. >> a u.s. navy ship captain once wrote that he could think of no greater prize for anyone than an appointment to the naval academy for, as he put it, "there may be more money elsewhere, but there is no more honor anywhere." >> one by one, a graduate recalled to the stage to receive diplomas. the special cheer went up for a
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cabinet, who was paralyzed in a by cycle accident. -- for kevin. >> he will be the first paraplegic to graduate. >> you have to be so proud. >> the moment everyone waits for every year, the tossing of the hats. [cheers] at the naval academy graduation, rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> watches and warnings extending around the mid- atlantic and northeast as a strong cold front bringing showers and thunderstorms into the region. you can these shaded boxes. the worst has been to the west of baltimore with some severe thunderstorms in frederick and washington counties along with flood warnings. they take us right through about 7:45 with the watch until 10:00 tonight.
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there's a lot of thunderstorm activity from pennsylvania throughout western maryland and down into virginia. as of been moving from southwest to northeast, so only gradually slide east toward baltimore. good news for the evening rush- hour. probably beneficial rain in many locations. we could actually use a little bit of rain in some spots, although this area had a bit of shower activity over the past few weeks. this line of showers and storms is racing through frederick and pushing toward western howard and carroll county, montgomery county, and it may produce strong gusting wind. we will see if it survives its trip to baltimore. you can see where the act of warnings are. frederick, washington, york, a lancaster, southern adams county. this is where the watch has been extended, to the western shore of the bay, until 10:00 tonight.
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this is what is fueling the storms with temperatures well above normal. 91 at the airport, 97 downtown. look at the heat. 60's in far western maryland. that front going through will push the heat offshore overnight. the price to pay is the shower and thunderstorm activity a company in the front. when the ship to the northwest overnight tonight. -- the wind will shift to the northwest. dropping it to the 70's in cleveland. 40 at international falls. by friday, it will be more comfortable. with the front moving up of the coast, tropical depression beryl in georgia will get kicked off shore. drought stricken areas of the deep south and this will get pushed off the coast. here is beryl in the carolina. insta-weather + futurecast shows this leaving virginia beach while the second will bring
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another burst of showers tomorrow evening and then lots of showers -- lots of sunshine with cooler temperatures, less humid. one lashtomorrow with server or a thunderstorm. south wind on the bay and waves averaging about 1 foot. the bay temperature near 80 degrees. a cool 65 in western maryland on thursday. eastern shore, this secondary front bringing in risk of a storm tomorrow, but nice and sunny on thursday. one more day of showers and storms before the sunshine will come back in ocean city thursday. mid 80's tomorrow, but 79 and more comfortable. mid 70's friday than showers back friday night into saturday morning. >> from the susquehanna bank sports center, this is 11 sports. >> college kids love having glasses and before the end of
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may, but in this one case, the loyola lacrosse team probably wishes it still had a campus full of students helping them celebrate title. early this morning, the first national title for the men's lacrosse team in school history. they put together an 18-1 of the season after the preseason polls it overlooked them and they dominated the performance to capture the national title. they will not fly and the radar anymore. it has arrived. even on the campus that no longer has students attending class is, the students showed up and it was remarkable. >> it is special. you find yourself saying that it will hit me after the last game or when i get back to baltimore. honestly, i do not know. it will probably hit me when i am the coaches age. >> it's unbelievable for the
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seniors to go out this way. for the team and coach, you just go do it with this group of guys. >> it's a great feeling. i will cherish this for a long time. this will always be a special team in my heart. they know that. it was a great weekend for the hounds. >> a great season as well. you can practically hear the whispers and the were rees, hitying if the o's have these bad to dig them out of first place. they have shown surprising resilience and they need more of that to avoid the longest losing streak. but they fell behind and never caught up. this home run.tommy hunter on a lasting three innings. the heavily scored seven runs in the current three-game slide. toronto bats heated up and the orioles have not. they went through back-to-back games without a home run this
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season. the biggest start since opening day, trying to grab a win for the first time in five starts. they need a streak stopper right now. romero goes to the blue jays and game time is 7:05 p.m. in toronto. toronto. tom [ male announcer ] everyone at southwest airlines works together for one goal: to get you where you're going. and with flights all over the country to choose from, it's a good thing we love our work.
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